Learn to Photoshop, After Effects, …

here you can prepare for the ACE certifications in addition to professional work with photography.

100’s of Courses

In the field of design and multimedia, the Negareh offers an attractive range of courses for professional or private development, e.B. web design, graphic design, digital photography as well as film production and music production.


Photoshop Basic

Build a basic understanding of color in this course! Equipped with this, the right settings for printing in Photoshop are easily made. Farid Rahbari introduces you to the topic from the ground up and explains colors and color models, color management and the use of profiles, as well as duplex printing and the use of spot colors. For smaller projects, you will even find out at the end what to look out for if you want to print something yourself.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, the complete solution for efficient video production. In training, you’ll go through the entire process from creating, editing to fine-tuning a video in picture and sound with Premiere Pro.

UX Design

Fast and intuitive web/app design has become an indispensable prerequisite for remaining competitive.

Adobe Xd (Adobe Experience Design) offers you the perfect complete solution for UX and UI design. You can use it to create complex designs, easily and quickly create interactive prototypes, test projects and share them online – without any coding.


Layout is not the same as layout and Adobe InDesign training is not the same as InDesign training. We know this from our many years of experience as an Adobe Authorized Training Center.

In the Indesign course, we will show you how to use the Adobe software in such a way that the result is always the perfect layout. We’ll show you how to create layouts in InDesign during the training.



You finally want to start editing your images or learn to understand your existing image editing program? Then this Lightroom Basics course is perfect for you.

After Effects

You’ll learn how to set new standards in our After Effects training. Our Adobe After Effects training is designed for anyone who either wants to get new to Adobe AfterEffects or refresh their knowledge. Many practical examples and exercises accompany you through the After Effects Basic Training. You will edit a project as well as create a composition.


In our Adobe Illustrator training, you’ll break new creative ground and get to know this comprehensive vector graphics environment with many new features in just three days. Realize your design ideas and complex graphics.

Camera Raw Photoshop

From more than 20 years of experience, we know two things about Photoshop: Adobe’s software is incredibly powerful – but that’s exactly what makes Photoshop very complex. Especially experienced as experienced Photoshop users tend not to question existing workflows. But that’s the only way you can use the full range of Photoshop features.

Become an expert

Who is the course for?

For those who want to be certified by Adobe for their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop 2022. This course will help you prepare for the Photoshop exam.

What is covered in the course?

This course covers everything you need to know for the exam – from preparation to registration. You repeat various skills and workflows in Adobe Photoshop 2022 that are part of the exam.


Edit photos
Create graphics
Produce videos
Digital Painting
Design User Experiences
3D & AR
Create social media content


Data insights and target groups
Platform for Experience Management
Content Management
Customer Journeys
B2B Marketing
Digital registration and
digital onboarding