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در رابطه با قوانین  و اصول عکاسی

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از فیلم های مستند و تبلیقاتی تا تهیه و ادیت پروژه‌های عکاسی

معرفی عکاسان و کارهایشان  

در جشنواره ها، نمایشگاها، گالری‌های و ارگانهای معتبر اروپایی


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negareh and his tasks

Photography is an extremely broad subject that can be approached in many different ways. Some define their photography by the motifs they like to photograph. Others take the more technical route and want to first master all the technical skills that they will eventually use when taking photos. It is completely logical that not everything is interesting for everyone.

Some prefer to take pictures in the great outdoors, others feel comfortable in their own home studio. While one has found his calling in portrait photography, the next loves still life photography.

We have listed all of our existing channels on this page and as you can see there are many topics that we deal with in our films. So many that it’s easy to lose track. But as a registered user, there is now a practical solution.

Just create your favorites. You can use the new memory function to save your favorite topics and channels, which will then appear on the start page in the “My FotoTV.” area and in your user profile in the memory lists. This gives you direct access to your topics and allows you to find the films that really interest you more quickly. Try it!

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